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Tatem SEO has been doing SEO and Digital Marketing in South Florida for the past 19 years. We started doing SEO back in the days when very few people understood what meta data was or what search engine optimization could do for a businesses organic rankings.

A lot has change since those days but Tatem SEO has stayed on top of all the latest trends and changes through out the years. Todays SEO Landscape requires a professional SEO Team of web developers and web design people. We have both and offer amazing Local SEO Results in South Florida.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization100%
Pay Per Click Campaign Management99%
Google Analytics Integration100%
Citation Link Building Services99%
Site Auditing100%


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Tatem SEO uses several strategies to rank our clients at the top of the major search indexes. We use the power of great SEO Software tools as well as a look into your competitions SEO tactics.

Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO Optimization

Our Local SEO optimization services are second to none. We are the best at what we do and that is get you on top.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Through proper website analytics reporting we can determine the best strategies to use for promoting your brand.

Link Building

Link Building

Using citation link building, we can increase your websites exposure and domain authority by getting you listed properly.

Why Hire Us?

Simply put...We are the best at what we do. Tatem SEO has an experienced team of SEO professionals ready and willing to do the job right for your business or organization. We strive to be the best and pride ourselves on being the best.



Tatem SEO has over 20 years experience in SEO and the website promotion industry. We are experts at doing Local Organic SEO campaigns for our South Florida clients.

Our SEO Achievements

We are trained MOZ professionals and have taken our clients to the top of the Major Organic Search Results. Lets us do the same for you.

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SEO Customer Reviews

Read what our clients are saying about their amazing organic search engine results from our SEO services.

Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan

We have been using Matt and his team to do our companies website promotion for the past 3 years and they really know what they are doing when it comes to SEO. They also manage our PPC Campaigns.

Lawerence Loop
Lawerence Loop

These guys do Amazing SEO!!! Our leads and bookings sky rocketed after hiring them. We highly recommend them if your are looking to increase sales.

Patrick Fiorilli
Patrick Fiorilli

Matt and his web development team went above and beyond and created a website that promotes our mission. Their SEO services produce amazing results.

Cindy Gillium
Cindy Gillium
Vice President

I have been working with Tatem SEO for nearly 10 years.  They know exactly what they are doing.  I have had to use them for our SEO, web design, email, and support - We highly recommend Tatem SEO.

Lisa Bessle
Lisa Bessle

Tatem SEO has done a great job of bringing our websites presence to life. Our website is ranking great on Google. We could not be happier the work they performed.

Thomas O'Hara
Thomas O'Hara

Tatem web design has completely changed my web presence. If you want results, calls from customers that increase profits use Matt. For the money you put in the results are fantastic.


Tatem SEO has over 20+ years of search engine optimization, web design and website hosting experience. We are trained MOZ professionals, which is a software program that allows us to see deep in to your competitions strategies and also to implement these strategies on your website.

We have deep understanding of SEO, website design, and web servers and can do things most companies do not have the technical knowledge to accomplish for their clients. We do and we also have a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure that our clients always rank at the top of the organic search results for the SEO keywords we are targeting.

Before we request a crawl of your website it needs to be thoroughly optimized with SEO and tested. Generally we can do a websites optimization in about 2-3 weeks depending on its size. Sometimes longer for larger websites or more competitive industries.

Once we have requested a crawl of the website most of our clients are listed and appearing with in the organic results of both Google and Bing in about 2 weeks of us submitting it. Sometimes much faster and depending on the Google Bot even a little after the 2 week mark.
Once the website has been indexed and is appearing in Google and Bing search results, we can start to see where the website placed and where improvements need to be made to the website pages.

Our website tracking software begins tracking and reporting data to us immediately so that we can provide you with custom and detailed reports on the progress of your SEO campaign. We offer both weekly and monthly reports depending on the SEO plan you have with us and these plans show both your progress but also details about your competition and their placement so you are clear on what are targeted goals are for your business or organizations search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization contracts should remain ongoing for any good business or organization to stay up to date with the latest Google and Bing algorithm changes and to stay ahead of your online competition. We offer several plans each with its own budget and level of services provided.

Our SEO contracts start at a minimum of 6 months to start as that is about how long it takes for your SEO to really grab hold on the internet. We offer 3 different pricing tiers and additional outside services such as citation link building and NAP business listings with Yext.

We realize that not every business can start at our top plan and offer several different plans to fit most any small business budget. We have a very simple philosophy here at Tatem SEO, if our clients are making money then we are making money and it is always in our best interest for them to be successful.

We take pride in seeing our clients grow and prosper from our web results. Our team will put all our efforts into making sure that we do the very best job possible for you and your business.

Whether you have a new website or need SEO for your existing website, we can get your website fully up to date and optimized. Our SEO experts can work on just about any website platform including Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Custom HTML, and pretty much anything web related.

We will run a detailed SEO crawl report using your domain name so no access is needed to get a full report on your existing websites SEO.

Once we have the report on your website crawl, we will generate a proposal and a plan to fix any issues on your website. Once you approve the proposal, we can begin the search engine optimization process of adding, updating and changing what is required on your website and web hosting sever to achieve the best results for your business or organization.

Tatem SEO works on both existing websites that are already up and running and new websites that are just getting ready to be launched. Our experts will properly optimize your websites key wording and meta title tags so you can rank right up there with your competitors.

If a website wants good organic website traffic, then good website search engine optimization is necessary. Search engine optimization is needed for all kinds of services, products and industries the need to rank high in the organic search results of Google and Bing. Search engine optimization is for every type of website no matter how big or small. Tatem SEO can bring your business or organizations website search engine success with our great SEO plans for company blogs, magazines, corporate websites, creative websites, directory listings, ecommerce solutions, and educational learning solutions.

Industries that are very competitive online benefit from SEO, which is a necessary part of keeping above the competition at at the top of the search results. We offer search engine optimization for farming, landscapers, plumbers, shopify websites, product based ecommerce websites, entertainers, nonprofits, real estate, retail business websites, wedding planners, medical doctors and veterinarian websites, transportation industry, pest control companies, hemp industry and CDB Industry, police and military websites. If you need amazing SEO call us today for a FREE QUOTE.

Specific content on a page gives the search engine targeted keywords and specific phrases so the search engines understand what the website is about.

With targeted content for your website industry, business, service or products the search engine can return relevant search results to the end user bringing traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization content writing is a very important part of SEO. We are college educated English speaking expert content writers with over 20+ years of experience writing SEO content for many industries, businesses, business services and products. We have proven results with all of our clients using our state of the art MOZ reporting system which shows your steady campaigns progress. We have a dedicated team of SEO specialists and digital marketing experts and with our knowledge we can immensely improve your websites traffic, brand reputation, and product or business sales.

Tatem SEO uses multiple ways to find the most relevant keywords that pertain to your website. The first way is to know our client's, their business, and what their website is about, whether they are selling a service or product and if they are a business or an organization. We create a list of keywords that are specific and detail information about your product or service for the search engines to properly understand your website.

Second we use these keywords to find similar keywords suggested by Google that are real search volumes done by real users.

We then run reports using our in depth reporting system which gives us keywords and keyword search strings that are also related to the website's existing content. All of which is integrated directly into your website's SEO Strategy.

The power of good Search Engine Optimization can make your website successful by getting you targeted traffic and bringing you the right customer for your business, service or products. You need to have your website properly optimized so that the visitor can find your website on the major search engines like Google and Bing with a keyword search.

A search engine optimization expert from Tatem SEO will do a website audit and return the details of what is required to optimize your website for the best possible results using one of the most advanced SEO reporting tools call MOZ.