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mobile website optimization

Online Traffic

63% of online traffic from the US comes from smartphones and tablets

Worldwide Traffic

52.2% of web traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones in 2018

Market Shares

The mobile market share worldwide is 52.1% compared to the desktop market share of 44.2%

Mobile Searches

58% of searches are mobile device based

Over the past few years more people have access to a smartphone that ever before, its now rare to know someone that doesn't own one. Because of this, the majority of visitors your site receives are mobile users and these numbers will only continue to increase. With this being said, that is why it's so important for your site to be either made device ready or to implement a responsive design. If you do not already have these in place you may be losing potential clients and/or frustrating users who then look else where like toward your more optimized competitors.

On top of all of that Google tracks how long users spend on your website and if they aren't staying long you will be penalized in your search result ranking. Don't lose customers, update your site to be mobile ready as well as traditional screens and receive more web traffic! Contact Tatem SEO for all your mobile website needs, here.